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Nonprofit Fundraising & Development

Over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations were registered with the IRS in 2009, with close to 40,000 in Georgia alone. In an increasingly competitive environment, donors have to choose what causes are most important and which organization is being the most responsible in addressing that cause. On the other hand, 26.8 percent of adults said they volunteered during 2009, contributing a total of 15 billion hours, worth $279 billion at average wages. So how do you position your organization to be their charity of choice? By tapping into your donors’ communication preferences and their interest. Creative Lotus can help you create a donor-centric development program, generating donor retention, loyalty, and ultimately, increasing donations, volunteerism and advocacy. Your program can include:

• Direct Mail
• Online Campaigns
• Fundraising Events and Auctions
• Email Marketing
• Digital and Social Media