environmental social stewardship and responsibility promgrams

Social & Environmental Programs

Implementing social and/or environmental stewardship programs is great for public relations, but also a great way to build moral and encourage team-building among your staff. Creative Lotus can work with your department heads and our partners implement the following programs:

• Volunteer Programs
• Employee Giving Campaigns
• Recycling Programs
• Energy Conservation and Waste Reduction
• Ridesharing and Telecommuting Programs
• On-site Green Landscaping and Edible Gardens

Making a commitment to being more responsible, is also good for your bottom line. In 2007, Goldman Sachs studied six industrial sectors and found that companies considered innovative leaders in environmental stewardship and social responsibility outperformed the overall stock market by nearly 25 percent. Within their own sectors, these sustainable companies had outpaced their peers by approximately 72 percent. By being sustainable, taking advantage of tax incentives, and encouraging employee participation in community programs, you build a competitive advantage in the marketplace and help create a sustainable future.